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Fact #6

You know what really, really, REALLY pisses me off? When someone looks at me sympathetically when I answer that I study Fine Arts and Design. Sympathetically!

Then they say to me, “Did you do that bad in highschool?”

ARGHHHH! Did I do that bad in highschool? DID I DO THAT BAD IN HIGHSCHOOL?!

Quoted from Lina: “Don’t let anyone condemn passion and talk you through reason!”
Quoted from Ammar: “Just another brick in the wall.”



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  1. Soooo…..Did ya ?? ……… do bad in high school ? hehe (just joking)

  2. ┬áHehe, since I’ve been out of university for many years now, I haven’t gotten asked that question in ages, so I have no issues answering you any more :P

    No, I was a straight A student and always top tier in school :)

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