You know, I’m really sick of locals referring to Jordan as boring. I say, stop with the nakad already.
I mean seriously, Jordan? Boring? There’s always something to do! As inspired by Ibrahim, I compiled a list of 49 things to do in Jordan this summer as blogged about by the wonderful mostly not nekdeen Jordanian bloggers. Enjoy!

  1. Have a rocket
  2. Discover a bus station
  3. Take a walk in pedestrian Swiefieh
  4. Drive. Fullstop.
  5. Experience the world in Amman’s Global Village
  6. Visit the Roman Theatre in Amman
  7. Spend a couple of hours at Makan
  8. Rum, ya Rum
  9. Try out some of Amman’s hangouts
  10. Enjoy the diverse fauna of Jordan
  11. Go through Ameen’s list of stuff to do in Jordan
  12. Tour the Royal Auto Museum
  13. Enjoy sunsets and pigeons
  14. Cruise the other side of town
  15. Discover Jabal Al-Qala’s historical monuments
  16. Spend some time at Roman Jerash
  17. Shake Abdo’s hand
  18. Hike in Mujib Reserve(zonked link? Try this)
  19. Experience the smells, tastes, and views of Downtown Amman
  20. Mount Nebo is calling
  21. Sit in the newly renovated Second Circle in Jabal Amman while enjoying Shawerma Reem
  22. Have a drink at Blue Fig
  23. Say hello to the annual Jerash Festival
  24. Get lost outside Amman
  25. Eat falafel in Jabal Al-Hussein
  26. Become a Bedouin
  27. Marvel at the skies
  28. Visit Darat Al-Funoon(The House of Arts)
  29. Venture out into the South of Jordan
  30. Take a dip at Aqaba(where you can also scuba dive, enjoy coral reefs, and enjoy watersports)
  31. Enjoy the gorgeous architecture of Jabal Amman, Hay Il Rashid, and various other areas
  32. Try the Jordanian traditional dish, the Mansaf. Hands allowed
  33. Visit the the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ
  34. Get artsy at the newly revamped National Gallery
  35. Visit various Islamic historic sites such as Iraq Al-Amir, Qasyr Amra, and Qasr Al-Mushatta
  36. Spend a night staring out into jewel-like mountains at Salute
  37. Sit in a garden and enjoy the hooka
  38. Drop by the Dead Sea
  39. Wander a little further into the Karak Castle
  40. Visit a parallel universe with a cab driver
  41. Drink decaffeinated coffee at Wild Jordan
  42. Watch teenagers making fools of themselves
  43. Bet on how long a certain trip will take(you will always be surprised)
  44. Attempt a trip outside of Amman into the hills and sands of Jordan
  45. Go through Natasha’s “List of things to do in Jordan”
  46. Take a bus to Petra
  47. Enjoy a paperflag
  48. Taste ancient Jordanian cuisine at its finest
  49. Visit Ajloun