No, this isn’t the Abu Samer, but close enough…

Today, Abu Samer enlightened me with advice that I actually took to heart, but within that span of advice, Abu Samer had to toss in his characteristic em, very quotable, em, oxymorons:
“Fahmaneh ma3 inno fyoozatik darbeh.”
(Smart although your fuses are screwed)
Fusati. Ana. Darbeh?

“Al mara naqisatu 3aqlin wa deen.”

Here is an older quote:
“Ana 3arif la eimta biddi athal a3allem feeki? Khalas, bokra binmoot…meen ra7 tis2ali? Amma shaghleh bitsim il badan… Shyfeh tatneesh il dawam shoo bisawwi 3ammo?”

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