The Hardy boys- Paul, myself, Yazan, Abed, and Hisham towering over us all(hello guys!)

Ok Ammanites, how much time do you think it takes to reach the Eighth Circle from the First Circle during a relatively crowded hour? Yalla, guess a number and add it as a comment before you read the rest of the post!

Since my cousin Paul is leaving back to New York tomorrow morning after half a year of Jordan, we decided to do something we’ve never done before- time how long it takes to get to the Eighth Circle in Wadi Il-Seer from the First Circle in Jabal Amman, and of course, document our adventure by taking pictures.
We also decided to bet on how long it will take, and I, keeping in mind that the Fourth Circle alone can take up to 5 minutes to cross during peak traffic hours, and all the endless whining I have to go through about how horrible Amman is in the summer, said 25 minutes. Ha, was I wrong or was I wrong!
Although the streets were relatively very crowded, to my utter shock and surprise, it took *drumroll* 12 minutes and 55 seconds! 12:55 people!
DAMN! If anyone complains about the traffic of Amman during the summer because of the, oh, tourists, is going to suffer a personal attack by Roba!
Amman, my darlings, whether crowded with the tourists that can’t drive or not, is a fal3oosa, teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, pee-wee, teensy-weensy big city.

Below, I present to you the mighty eight circles of Amman in numerical order, as seen through my Canon’s eyes and as snapped by Hisham, who apparently isn’t very good with cameras:

Any suggestions for the next project?