Today, the dabkeh people and cousins decided to go watch a movie, and since they’re all movie buffs save for me, they decided to watch the only movie showing that they didn’t watch, which unfortunately turned out to be The War of the Worlds– “Earth is invaded by alien tripod fighting machines, one family fights for survival!”

Ok, first of all, the whole “Hey, look, evil aliens are attacking us! It’s the Armageddon! Let’s save the world!” theme is seriously getting on my nerves. ENOUGH ALREADY! This is coming from a science fiction lover too. I mean, I enjoyed the first 5, 15, heck, 20 box-office knock-out Armageddon movies, but now, “wislat la hona” *pointing index finger at my forhead*.

Secondly, the movie’s plot sucked like shit. Or, actually, it could have been alright if the movie wasn’t so goddamn SLOW! It seems like the plot was about an eternity of slow-motion laser beaming aliens zippifying people with blue light. I am REALLY SICK of watching people running, people hiding, people running, hiding, running, hiding.

Thirdly, although I adore Tom Cruise(yes, I do, so shoot me), and I think Dakota Fanning is an amazing actress for her age, the characters sucked even more than the plot. They were undeveloped, unlikable, and did nothing through out the whole movie but run. Actually, the only parts of the movie I enjoyed were the first 30 seconds and the last 30 seconds when Morgan Freeman was narrating.

I really want my money back. No wonder I never go to the movies, the last movie I watched at the cinema was Ocean’s 12, and although it sucked a little less than this one, it was also quite bad.

Anyhow, enough of that, because the second part of our “tal3a” was pretty cool- we went to Frosti’s to have icecream, and I cannot stress enough on how much I love Frosti. Although their icecream is great, it’s more about plenty of childhood memories for me.