Did you ever hear of the Land of the Kites? I’m sure you’ve seen it if you’ve ever been to Amman during the summer, for some where seemingly far away from West Amman lies many white mountains with skylines stippled with colorful kites.

It is indeed a very enjoyable view from afar, so today, Nada and I decided to hit the road into the “land of the kites”, especially since Nada loves kites. Ok, so “Road trip” isn’t an appropriate title, especially since that in East Amman’s narrow two-way roads “alley lurching” is so much more suitable…

It was a very pleasant trip, starting with “trying” to reach the targeted area but instead ending up at Abdoun where we started. Finally, after several tries, we found ourselves in an area we don’t recognize and we kept going deeper and deeper until Amman stopped looking like the Amman we know and became a mosaic of brick buildings, very narrow streets, and little kids flying kites.

I’m not very sure where we were, the lady we asked said we were in “Bab Sahera”, and I’ve never heard of that area.

I’m deliberating between redirecting you to a slideshow or posting enlargable minis of all the pictures here… I’m gonna go with minis now, but let me know if you think that a slideshow will be a better option for the future.

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