I came upon an article about blogging in the Arab world via Saudi Jeans, and I found this really interesting:

As quoted from an article by Jihad al-Khazin on Dar Al-Hayat:

وكان الأردن بين أول الدول العربية التي نشطت في مجال البلوغز، خصوصاً ان الحكومة تشجع استعمال الانترنت، وهناك بلوغ باسم «جوردان بلانت» يجمع عدداً من البلوغز الأردنية. وثمة أسماء كثيرة تنشر مع البلوغز، ولكن لا نعرف على وجه التحديد إن كانت أسماء حقيقية. وفهمت أن بلوغز كثيرة مجموعة تحت سقف «جوردان بلانت» هي لناس يعيشون خارج الأردن.

Translated(me bad translator, 3amo Iyas unavailable)

“Jordan was the first amongst the Arab world to become active in the blogging scene, especially as the government encourages the use of the internet. There is the blog called “Jordan Planet”, which joins a number of Jordanian bloggers. There are many names published with the bloggers, but we do not know if the names are real. I also understood that a lot of the bloggers of Jordan Planet are people who live outside of Jordan.”

I found it really interesting that they stressed on the fact that the Jordanian bloggers don’t blog anonymously, and that they even doubt the names we publish. I understand that a lot of other Arab bloggers blog using nicknames or only first names, so what do you think this means? The democracy in Jordan? The more open-minded culture of Jordan?
And why is it that Al-Khazin actually doubts the published names?