(from now on, we’re using a tripod, but MMM’s picture is whole check it out here)
Left to right, standing row: Nader , Jad , Lina , Hind , Eman, MMM
LEft to right, sitting row: Deeb , Isam , Roba, Naseem , Mira

I just got back from the 4th Jordan Planet blogger meet-up, which we had tonight at our now usual venue, Wild Jordan(though I doubt it will remain so). The amount of attending bloggers was impressive, and we got to see plenty of new faces (we as in JP’s always-there-committee of Isam, Ammar, Nader, and myself). It was great meeting the new faces and great seeing the old ones again.

Like Eman said, it’s really nice putting a face to each blog, especially those individuals like Eman and MMM who I’ve personally liked for so long and never got the chance to meet.

We discussed everything from politics (Nader really loves the government), to the conception of marriage in the Arab world, to movies, to why we started blogging. We even discussed the difference between the French horn and the trumpet and heard some technical jokes from Ammar.

For the first time, I feel like there are enough names of attendee bloggers to actually have a list! And so, just for the heck of listing(although I hate listing), here you go:

(Nader, woops, we forgot to carry out our plan!)

Picture time:

Samir , Lina , Deeb

Eman, MMM, Ammar

Lina , Deeb , Jad

Naseem , Mira , Hind

Nader , Samir , Lina

Eman, MMM, Ammar