– So what’s the best way to get a year’s worth of stress out of your system?

– Go to a concert and scream it all out!

– A concert? In Amman?

– Indeed. The guys and girls from LBC’s Star Academy 2 threw an awesome concert at the Arena(in a university that doesn’t show, we reached Salt looking for it!) tonight.

– Um… why would anyone go to a Star Academy concert? Especially someone like you? You’re all anti popular music.

– A concert is a concert. I do not take an excuse to scream my ass off for granted!

– You’re too weird…

– Does it look like I care what people think? The security was excellent, the lighting was beautiful, the song line-up was perfect (they even had that cool song from the Chicago soundtrack), they actually started on time, the audience’s energy radiated into me and cheered the boo-boos away, and I even got to see two friends I haven’t seen in ages(hey Tala, hey Heba)! Me? Lame? Whatever.

Show opener was Sophia from Star Academy Season 1

Big crowd…

The group

Grand finale