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Hehe, we’re done, and it feels DAMN good! I spent the whole afternoon doing absolutely nothing productive, from cruising around with Soos and Hind to hanging out with the other Sara at the mall to going cat-stuff shopping(Tim!). I’m so glad the tests are over and DONE WITH(so who knows when the results are out?)

Anyhow, although its been a while since I submitted(and got the ass-kicking only A), here are some shots of the restaurant project I had to submit for my final.

Although the travel agency got better feedback in general, I certainly like this project so much more, as it actually represents who I am and my philosophies in life. It is also my tribute to one of my very favorite artists- Pop artistAndy Warhol. The restaurant is called Serigraph, meaning a print made by the silk-screen process that Warhol is famous for.

Allow me to blabber a bit about the concept behind pop art as it is essential in understanding the design.

Pop art is:

  • Popular(design for mass audience)
  • Transient(short-term solution)
  • Low cost
  • Mass produced
  • Young(aimed at youth)
  • Witty
  • Sexy
  • Gimmicky
  • Glamorous
  • Big Business

After contemplating these 10 characteristics of pop art, I came up with the following design that basically uses the contrast between dark brown wood and white spaces, my favorite Andy Warhol print, bright colors, and contrasting shapes. I also made sure that it appears youthful, vigorous, witty, sexy, and mass produced.

The restaurant’s menu represents the backbone of pop art- the silkscreen method. The menu is basically of three designs all contributing to the same concept- the first one is a painted draft, the second one is the actual silkscreen frame, and the third one(laying) is the produced print. Like the restaurant, the menu gives the air of being transitory, mass produced, youthful, and bright.

And me, I’m a pro-capitalism, pro-globalization, anti-visual pollution feminist misandrist. I also love bright colors, openness, and pop art.

The plan of the restaurant is 4.5m by 15m, which is why it seems so oblonged and “squished”.