My mother and I were horrified when we saw the vandalism that had devastated Samya Al-Zaru’s “The Family” sculpture in Shmesani- someone painted the lower part of the iron installation with white paint! Ah, the horror! I can’t believe the complete lack of respect and the complete lack of cultivation!

“The Family” is more important to the artistic culture of Jordan than most people are aware. This sculpture, created during the early 70’s by Al-Zaru and dedicated to Haya’s Cultural Center, is actually the first sculpture to be placed in a public space in the whole of Jordan.

This sculpture has been a huge part of my life since I was a kid. We’ve always lived the Shmesani area, and so I’ve stared at this sculpture for countless hours while waiting at the Shmesani traffic light crossing. I read that Al-Zaru is now demanding that the sculpture be removed from the public and moved to her home. I honestly don’t blame her as this is an extremely offensive incident, but the sculpture’s removal will be a huge loss, as it has become a part of the identity of Shmesani.

Shame on you whoever ruined it… Shame on you…

Once again, cheers to Al-Ghad Newspaper for dedicating the first page of their “Hayatuna” section to this horrible incident that needs to see media attention.