(Entrance to a philanthropist doctor’s clinic, Downtown)

Downtown Amman(Il Balad) is one of the most exciting places in the world. Every time I go, I find myself experiencing story-like bouts of over-imagination. Most of the time, I can’t take pictures of these bouts as they’re all in my head, but here’s a bout I was able to picture. This view reminded me of all the urban legends I’ve heard in my life.
But this legend has a twist. Once again, and like a lot of the urban legends, this is not as it appears to be. This clinic is actually run by a philanthropist doctor who provides his services to many of the poor of Amman. Kudos to Dr. Moneer for his efforts, may God help him in achieving his goal and bless him. Thank you Nader for clarifying this.

Does it remind anyone of anything?