I have no idea why my blog is turning so personal, but oh, well, I guess I’m in a cozy mood. This is a “family portrait” we took a few weeks ago, with brothers, first cousins, and second cousins. It’s quite cool as this is the first time I meet 4 of the people in the picture.

This year has been really interesting because my cousin Paul, who lives in the US, had decided to come study Arabic at Jordan University for the semester. It’s Paul’s(in yellow) first time here so his mother and two sisters decided to come visit him last week(also their first time!). To make everything even better, my other cousin Chuck surprised us a few days later by coming as well(it’s also his first time here).

It was great introducing everyone to the extended family, showing them around Jordan, and of course, making fun of them because they can’t pronounce the Arabic sounds of “7a”, “‘7a”, “3a”, and “‘3a”.

And seriously, I know I look short in this picture, but really, I’m not. It’s just that the Dallal’s are giants!