Yet another school year is almost done dropping down the drain, and it feels really good, especially since this term was extremely stressful with gazillion things to do. I say “almost” because teaching isn’t over until next week and because the tests didn’t even start, but when you’re doing what I’m doing, the real stress comes from the projects, the research papers, and the presentations. There is a lot of stress from the tests of course, and they’re actually not easy as most people imagine them to be(try learning all the history of art and all the weird foreign art terminology), but a test is a test- simple night-before cramming(I’m the crammer par excellence), and most importantly, no creative-juices squeezing required(Yay, now my creative juices can be left in peace for a little while to develop and grow… *mediate that thought*)

Today was a great-first-day-of-my-break-after-the-finishing-of-my-projects-day,I spent it all lazing around and lounging with my friend Sarah in her bachelorette pad, which if you ask me, is the perfect way to chill. We sat on her balcony for hours staring at Amman in all her glory and drinking lemonade. After it got too chilly to stay outdoors, we watched “Cast Away” which was playing on MBC 2, and made good use of Meals on Wheels.

Ah, I love the end of semesters… Hopefully the real end is soon to follow(and hey, un-lost students, what’s up with the rumors about no more seifi?).