I was very pleased when I picked up today’s issue of Al-Ghad Newspaper. The front page of their “Our Life” part was dedicated to an issue that has been pestering the Jordanian high art society for the past 3 years- the sculpture “Humans and History” for Syrian artist Rabee’ Al-Akhras that’s placed on the Seventh Circle.

The article says that this sculpture has been attacked by Jordanian artists and critics because of its location, formation, expression, symbolism, and the insubstantiality of the material used to create it as the sculpture is already falling apart. Al-Ghad interviewed several foremost Jordanian artists who shared their opinions.

Sculptor Keram Al-Nimri says, “This work is an insult to the taste and culture of the people of Amman, and it is offensive to both the city and the cultured”. Art critic Mazen Asfour agrees with Nimri stressing that this work lacks the necessary connection between space and place, the connection between motif and setting, and the proper forms of expression, and he added, “What sort of committee that has no knowledge of art aesthetics that decided on this sculpture?! As critics and artists, we were very surprised at this work and we ask Amman Municipality to discuss this issue so as to place people of specialization and experience to decide on art works displayed in public.”

The whole article is available here(Arabic).

Kudos to Al-Ghad for their excellent “Our Life” section and it’s ability to tackle cultural issues that Jordanian media usually overlooks.