Having promised ourselves to do everything there is to do in Amman, the Sarahs and I decided to celebrate our day off by spenging the evening “relaxing” at Al-Pasha Turkish Bath in Jabal Amman.

Well, at least, I thought it’ll be “relaxing”, because it was the farthest thing from relaxing I’ve ever experienced in my life. Its just that, as far as I’m concerned, burning steam, a boiling jacuzzi and being massaged to death are no where near my idea of “relaxing”. Actually, this package works as well as the best sedatives around- it completely knocked me out. For someone like me, being knocked out is the ultimate hell, I love being awake, thank you very much. I honestly have no idea how I drove back home, and I have no idea what I did for the next several hours. The only thing I know is I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN.

Seriously, I don’t see the point. The whole idea of laying off drinking and drugs is to stay alert, and a Turkish bath strips you off everything including your alertness. At least with the other two there’s a buzz involved, with a Turkish bath it’s as if you’re in a vegetal state. Alright, I guess some people consider that relaxing, but next time I feel like relaxing, I’m hitting a nice chilled pool.

I must give the place some credit though… It is, afterall, gorgeously designed. I absolutely love the arches, the stained glass, and the authentic Arabic feel to everything.