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Nine Reasons to Love Jordan

Jordan’s Independence Day actually finished a few minutes ago, but since the country is officially celebrating it “today”, I will too.

Nine Reasons to love Jordan(ok, 9 Reasons to Love Amman, but gimme a break, I’ve lived here for less than two years, I’ll get to the rest of Jordan eventually):

1. Her mountains. They embrace you so lovingly in their valleys and peaks. They glitter like the brightest jewels at night. They exhibit Amman in all her glory.

2. Her authenticity. The sensation-baffling sights, sounds, and smells of Downtown Amman, the beauty of Jabal Amman, Falafel Il Qods.

3. Her Highness, the White City of Stone. I love it. I love it. I love it. The compulsory white-stone covering her buildings is probably one of my favorite things in the world.

4. Her sky. You won’t appreciate this unless you’ve lived elsewhere, the sky here is unrealistically blue!

5. Her cuisine. If ye dare condemn Mansaf thou shalt be transformed to naught. If ye dare condemn Ras-Il-Abed thou shalt be boiled with the pirates. If ye dare condemn Askimo Jabri thou shalt be thrown into a raging fire (yes, I’m strong enough).

6. Her Street System (or lack thereof). It’s amazing how you can be somewhere one minute and find yourself lost in a totally different place the other.

7. One word: this song. (Jeishana jeish il wa6an sameina bismallah! Gotta rock to the beat back and forth and clap while listening to it to enjoy the full impact. I feeel likee doingg the Dabkeehhh!!! Weinkom ya dabkeh people?).

8. Her 7ara system. Similar to the street system, but this involves the entertainment of children. Ah, many a days were spent playing soccer and riding bikes in the 7ara… My generation now “plays” indoors, but the next generation replaced us in our 7ara, therefore keeping the tradition of driving Sabee7a Al-Qabee7a crazy with the noise.

9. Her “Shelens”(recently, several Shelens[5 piaster]). Many a Shelens were spent on corn-on-the-cob, sha3er il banat, machine ice-cream from Jabal Al-Hussein, and slush.

I would have had a 10th one about her people(bow), but I decided to kindly pass out advice instead- THOU SHALT NOT BE NEGATIVE.


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