I was really excited about the National Gallery’s opening after the year-long “revamping process”, so my friends and I wasted no time in going to check it out after its opened its doors to the public last week.

And I must say, quite impressive! The gallery was enlarged to include another building, thus adding more space to display more artwork. It also now includes the old playground on Hawooz Circle, now transformed into a garden for the displaying of open-air artwork.

The new building also has a great cafe overlooking the Al-Abdali area(church and mosque overlapping, I love that view!), and a very cool library that will hopefully make my researching days easier and more enjoyable. The garden is also great, and it includes a beautiful Japanese garden, a yet-to-be-installed Andalusian garden(yaaaaay!!!!), a playground, and a restaurant. Not to mention that the very yummy Motta Patisserie is right across from the garden(killer eclairs!)

I can certainly see myself spending a lot of at the revamped National Gallery. I encourage everyone to pay this national treasure a visit.

Now, my favorite portion of posts, picture time(everything grows when clicked)!

The original National Gallery

Inside the original National Gallery

The new National Gallery

Inside the new National Gallery

Inside the new National Gallery

The cafe

The garden