Nada’s campaign(How can we not vote for you Nadoodeh? You speak for all of us…)

The first time I saw what Jordan University turns into during the annual Student Council elections I really didn’t know how to react. Should I feel misery because of the appalling state we have reached, or (shallow to you, meaningful to me) should I laugh at the worst case of lack of aesthetics I’ve seen in my life?

I will not discuss the “appalling state” because Lina already has two great posts on this horrible annual scenario occurring at JU, so I will redirect you to her “Elections Mania” and “Tell me where…“.

I will though, share (a lot of) pictures of the worst case of visual pollution I’ve seen in my life.

And my personal *favorite*:

(I mean, seriously dude, what were you thinking?)

Doing it the “funoon” way, a la Nada: