“AMMAN — A revamped, refurbished, enlarged National Gallery of Fine Arts reopens its doors to the public today under the aegis of Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania.

Two opposite buildings connected by a multi-purpose park guarantee more exhibition space for the art works in the custody of this cultural place.

Around 2,000 such works will be on permanent display at the gallery built by the highest international standards. One of the most important museums in the region, it houses an extensive number of paintings, sculptures, photographs, graphic works, and ceramics.

Besides the exhibition halls, the gallery has places allocated for lectures, film screening, visual arts, library, coffee shop (called Point of View), atelier for graphics, storage space and, a fresh surprise, a gift shop.

“To raise awareness among Jordanians about art,” is one avowed aim, said Khreis, but also to acquaint foreigners (by lending works to museums abroad or those visiting the country) with Jordanian art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The park, making a beautiful point of passage between the two buildings of the gallery, is open to all, with a playground allotted to children, and benches to rest and meditate at the beauty around. Sculptures will be on display in the park and visitors can enjoy the Japanese garden, a present of the Japanese government, and an Andalusian fountain, a present from Queen Sofia of Spain.

For a lazy morning or a sunny afternoon of recreation or education, for a quiet stroll in the park, or for an intellectual debate or simply a cup of coffee in the Art cafe and restaurant adjacent to the park, the complex of the museum is the place to go.”

+Jordan Times

I’m really, really, really excited about this. The National Gallery has been in the process of rennovation since September, and we can’t wait to see the results! Amman is the perfect setting for such projects, and this is a great oppurtunity to spread awareness about art. AWARENESS. I’m really upset at lack of artistic awareness.
And yay! An Andalusian fountain! I absolutely love the Andalusian arts, Andalus is definitely my favorite art epoch ever.

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