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Cafe Amman

Our next(and final) project is to design a little cafe/snack bar. I’m certainly more excited for this than I was for the travel agency project, because for one thing, I can actually try to be creative, and for another thing, I am completely fascinated by the design trends of cafes, restaurants, lounges, etc. I could literally spend the rest of my life going around the world searching for cozy cafes, chic restaurants, and exotic lounges.

For the first phase of the project, we went around the much loved Amman to analyze and take pictures of some of the restaurants (those that allowed us to take pictures, anyhow).

I thought I’d share the visual results, so here they are way below(click on the thumbnail to look at photograph).

Aside from the fact that my love for these places comes from the authenticity in their design, decoration, and of course, food, almost each of these places reminds me of a person I love, a moment I treasure, or an interesting experience(ahem, ahem).

For my own design project, I think I’m going to do that whole pop art thing, in dedication to one of my favorite artists, Andy Warhol. I’m still thinking about the name though, is “Untitled”(as most of Warhol’s paintings are called) too much of a cliche?

Planet Hollywood
Abdoun Circle

I’m not a huge fan of this place, their design is too crowded and too dark for my taste, but I must admit they have excellent food(spinach dip, yum, yum, and their vanilla pudding!!)


I think their designer is a genius. The way he/she handled that elongated plan of the restaurant is quite impressive. I love how he used angularity to break the length, and the colors provide for a very cozy atmosphere.

Frosti Icecream

Frosti, where can I start… This Frosti branch is a 5 minute walk from my grandmother’s house, where we spent many hours of our childhood sitting on those benches and trying out all the different ice-cream. I love the colors and the logo, and I love the wooden benches.

Abdoun Circle

Very sophisticated, but a bit too cold and hard with all the steal and silverness.

Moroccan Restaurant

I love the authentic Moroccan feel of the place, but they could have done a much better job with the design.

Coffee Time
Jabal Amman

I absolutely adore this place! It’s very tiny, very cozy, people actually go there to study and read, and they have excellent coffee. Their design is also quite stunning… I hate the little chairs and table at the side, but otherwise, it’s a perfect display of the cozy feel.


Their design is the standard Starbucks design, I love the prints they hang on their walls, and I love the mismatched furniture, but I’m not big on the color scheme although it does suit it quite nicely.

Jordan Wild
Jabal Amman

Gorgeous place, these pictures certainly don’t do the place justice. One of the best designed places I’ve ever seen, they combine the concept of recycling and conserving in a perfect mix of minimalism architecture and the reprocessing of elements such as soda cans. They have gorgeous artwork, gorgeous lightning, and absolutely stunning seating(although I must say it’s not very comfortable).

Cups & Kilos
Jabal Amman

Lovely little coffee bar, very practical, very simple, and I totally dig the orange and the stools outside.

Blue Fig

Like Jordan Wild, I consider Blue Fig to also be one of the most beautifully designed cafes around. It has its own feel in everything, from the food, to the menu, to the architecture and the arts. I respect them for the ability to create a whole system that is theirs and only theirs.

Cafe Duinde(Lavazza)
Jabal Amman

Very cute little gallery/cafe in Jabal Amman, with a lot of handsome artwork and cute accents(who can say no to art books on coffee tables?). Unfortunately, it’s not properly maintained, and they close at 7, making it very hard to go to.




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  1. Shireen Mendosa

    hey, was just wondering if you have the address to the moroccan place in shmeisani… im moroccan and dying for some good moroccan cooking here in amman… would really appreciate it!

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