This semester is almost over, and my “tasjeel”(registration) for the summer semester is this Wednesday. At the moment, I’m experiencing the yearly suffering of deciding of whether or not to take “Seifi”(the summer course) .

The University of Jordan alumni know how tedious both “tasjeel” and “seifi” are. Although “tasjeel” is not a tear-inducing mess of cues and too many papers to be signed anymore, the actual process is still quite horrible, and the 3amos are still quite mean. Especially when all the mawad(courses) are “closed”. As for “Seifi”, its too hot, too daily, and too tedious, especially since my department think “seifi” is a waste of time and thus only offered two courses that I already took. They also offer really cool noncredit workshops that take up the whole morning and that I really would rather take instead of “Seifi”, like model-making basics, lithography, graphic art workshops, etc.

Furtherly, what’s making my decision even harder to decide is the fact that my only options for “seifi” are Arabic 101(yes, I still didn’t take that, so sue me) and I’m completely dreading that as my written/grammar Arabic skills are quite negligible. The other two options are Oloom Askareyeh(more Arabic) and Bee2a/Environmental Studies(in English, but doesn’t that sound sooo boring? Did anyone take that? Am I going to die from boredom?)

Ah, I feel lost… Should I or should I not?