Land, Sea, Air

Learning to Think

These installations are by Antony Gormley, a British sculptor who sought out his art in order to escape words.

I love the free flowing movement and beauty of form in the first installation. Just look at the way the back curves in the sculpture of the curled man! I also really appreciate the transition from shoulders to neck to head in the crouching sculptures upper torso. It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of work. The idea is also sort of enthralling, here you see a man in love with the Earth, a man in love with Air, and a third fluctuating between love of air and love of earth. I’m not sure what the artist meant, but my mind keeps drifting to various meanings that I think he could have meant.

As for the second installation, I’m not a huge fan of the stiffness, reminds me too much of Ancient Egyptian art. This installation is at an old jail. I do love the ultimate idea behind it though… I’m thinking along the lines of “The head is a separate entity from the rest of the body”.

There are some more beautiful installations on Gormley‘s website.

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