Two hours of today were the pinnacle of my month- if not my year; are you familiar with the feeling of being in an atmosphere so perfect that you become a part of this perfection?

I have several research papers due so I thought I’d make use of my time and go to Darat Al-Funun in Jabal il Weibdeh to use their library.

Getting there was as tedious as usual; I typically got lost finding my way to Weibdeh- after 20 minutes of roaming, I realized that I was downtown and only got out of the mess when I noticed Weibdeh Church on an opposite hill. I got myself out of “Mess One” that is… Although I honestly adore Jabal Il Weibdeh to death, I always manage to get myself horribly lost in its one-way streets and tiny roads, and I found myself sinking in “Mess Two”, going around in circles in a maze I could not get myself out of. Somehow, one way or another, I at last found Darat Al Funun, to have my horrible ride topped off by looping around Dara for 10 minutes looking for a place to park(and no, regardless of all the facts, I AM NOT BAD WITH DIRECTIONS).

After the prolonged journey that could have been a 6 minutes trip from my house in Shmesani, I finally found myself standing outside the library’s door only to find that. It. Was. CLOSED. Yes. Closed. On a Thursday. At 4 o’clock. Ah, how I hated the world at that moment! How I hated Dara, how I hated school, how I hated books, and how I hated Weibdeh! There goes a good hour of my day. Thank you very much for stealing it. I really could have worked on my design project, I could have had coffee with my friends, I could have had a well deserved nap.

They say that a moment can change everything, and in anger, I turned around looking for an official to complain to and everything changed. I found myself taken for the 100th time by Dara’s beauty and by the exquisite scenery, especially on such a beautiful day, and my whole mood flipped around. So I thought, in Lina-style way, why not use the stunning weather, the delightful view, the great atmosphere and actually sit outside and enjoy the picture perfect moment.

I sat alone on the edge of the first floor looking down at Roman ruins on Dara’s ground floor and looking up at Jabal Amman in all her glory. The sun was gentle, the breeze was cool, and the birds were actually singing. For those two hours, I did nothing but sketch randomly and watch the sun set on Amman’s mountains. I didn’t think, I didn’t worry, I didn’t talk to anyone. It was as if I not an individual anymore, but rather, a part of a perfect circle of life, a part of a perfect creation, in a piece of heaven on earth.

I know I’ve shared pictures of Dara before, but I am so in love with this place that I can’t help but share them again. The pictures above are of the view I had during those two hours. Isn’t it stunning?