Almost a month ago, my friend Sarah and I went looking for a location with a nice view to drink our coffee. We ended up cruising in Hay Il Rashid, completely forgetting about the coffee, and finding ourselves engrossed in discussions pertaining to Amman’s architecture.

We found Hay Il Rashid interesting mainly due to two reasons based on our own observations:

1. The housing organization- Expensive villas are neatly sited side by side at the very top of the hill, and the housing becomes less expensive as the hill declines until you finally reach a very poor area towards the valley.

(Two houses found in Jabal Il Rashid, the first one in upper Jabal Il Rashid and the second one down below closer to University Street. Click to enlarge).

More/Other examples(click to enlarge):

2. The architecture is intriguing- I’m not sure if this area was built during the 70’s or the 80’s, but the style is very linear, practically modernistic. It’s very different from housing in other old area in Amman like Jabal il Weibdeh and Shmesani. Here’s a perfect example of the architecture in middle Hay Il Rashid. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do this beautiful house justice, but the linearity is apparent(click to enlarge).

I also fell in love with this house(below), in lower Hay Il Rashid. Isn’t it gorgeous?