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Star Academy 2 Finale

The last prime of LBC’s Star Academy 2 just stopped airing live, and the winner of this years season was finally announced- Hisham Abdul Rahman from Saudi Arabia.

I’m really disappointed. Although I must admit that Hisham has the better personality, Amani’s voice is one of the most stunning voices you could hear. I also think that along this seasons students, the stars should have been Amani, Zizi, Katia, and the Kuwaiti Ahmed.

It’s sad that we Arabs vote don’t vote for talent, but rather, for humor(like last years Mohammad Attiah), or for nationalism(like Hisham this year). I think that Bahaa should have won last year and Amani this year.

The prime was also really disappointing, nothing special happened and they only brought one guest, Assi Il Hilani.

Irrelevant, and I’m not in the mood to merge it into this post seamlessly, but my favorite part about the whole season was Katia singing and acting to Moulin Rouge’s soundtrack(watch it here, disable pop-up blocker).

Anyhow, congrats to Hisham.


Amman Goes Flamenco


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  1. hola mierdeta soy yo tu colo

  2. hi star academy i love u alll

  3. hi StarAcademy all we love you soooo much really wallah
    anjad its very nice actually when you are with you..
    you soo sweety Are you sure love me … oh habibi metoo hayati ah anjad wallahe
    am timzah.. ;) I love you my big love that’s why you didn’t Tell me i Swear..
    wallah, why not give a call Because you know your she need to call me after Tomrrow. yes
    ha, and also we miss Salma ghazali to be no Nomineeted again she need to
    go back starAcademy. 2 Yeah! eh wallah anjad am bahke mak … shou mitl madak.. qeily yalli shou bajiblak. maye.. eh shou la Enta qoul .. oh WOOW excellent.. that’s very nice , oh Yeah! but i think its one will be with me. or Mr.Guled.. be with me .. for all of youhave to first.. of all stay 1 Space have to come Bye Dalia Ghobar..thankyou, bye

  4. masafatoki ba3ida wa wasaile laisat ba3ida lakin ma3azatoki fe 9albi akida a tahra

    kol dam3a tanzal beismak wa kol zahra tatfatah be 3atrak wa kol da9a fe 9albe t9ol ohibok mohammed ramadan

    minin a3raftak w mani hania ma3adba 9albe w dima sahia rahma
    Ilove you a todos

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