Note: (I’m still really excited, you wont believe what such an adrenaline boosting show it was, so read this post with a smile or something)

¡Viva Flamenco!

Lina said it was “Amaaazing!”, Ammar described it as “What an event!”, and I’ll say “DAMNNN!!!”.

No really, it was just perfectly wonderful. I’m not in a particularly articulate mood(but do read Lina’s for a real review), so I will just list my favorite things about the concert(I absolutely despise listing but oh, well):

5. My last and most favorite point- which I’m actually going to cut and paste into the beginning because this is really important to me- THE HOUSE WAS FULL! IN AMMAN! We got there 5 minutes late only to realize that getting a seat was not the only thing out of question, we couldn’t even sit on the stairs like Ammar and Lina did! We had to sit on the floor between the rows of seats! Imagine that! Way to go Amman! Way to go Amman Municipality! I love everyone! (like I said, not in an altruistic mood)

1. It was unbelievably passionate, and I’m a slave for passion.

2. The synchronization was mind-blowing, and I mean the synchronization between the dancers together performing as a unit, each individual dancer’s synchronization between his/her different body parts, and the synchronization between the dancing and the music.

3. The music was absolutely fantastic, they had guitar, chimes (am I right, am I right?), and the flute (my favorite instrument). The man who was singing had a stunning voice.

4. The lighting was beyond excellent. There were several “shots” where light was used to represent a physical thing like a road.

Zippee dee doodah, zippee dee day!

Ooh yeah, sorry about the crappy pictures, I was squished to death in the least strategic place, with a 3amo who kept “tsk-tsk”ing every time I took a picture sitting behind me.
Il Nakad ya nakad.