Retelling the assortment of posts that have been showing up in the Jordan Planet community, its really, really spring! Yes, I know I’ve said that several times already, but it just keeps getting better and better as we creep closer to the summer.

Yesterday, I saw the ultimate sign that marks the passage of winter, a sign so much more meaningful than all the pretty flowers in the world, the popsicles making their re-appearance at the corner store, or the switching to Daylight Savings time- I saw a batee’7 tent being set up(thats a tent placed on empty areas of land in Amman for the farmers to sell their watermelons and other fruits).

My heart is singing! Winter is finally over! I really wish I can share a picture of this good omen with everyone, but the tent is on the beginning of the University Street, and although I drive through that street at least 4 times a day, I fly to school so a picture wouldn’t work out. Maybe when the tents are all over town once again… For the time being, you’ll have to do with my depiction of the tent, as crap as it may be, complete with the flags and all.