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The Second Circle

(yes, pictures grow)

The “rebirth” process of the Second Circle in Jabal Amman is finally over, and my friend and I went to celebrate the occassion(after almost getting run over while trying to cross the street) by sitting on the benches they placed atop of the circle and watching the cars drive by. The intended plan was a new “green” look, offering citizens and drivers on the busy streets of the capital a pleasant sight as well as a place to sit.
In my humble opinion, they did an alright job(thank God they didn’t transform it into something like the monsterousity that is the Seveth Circle!)

I think the sight is pleasant, but I’m very biased. I adore Jabal Amman to death, I appreciate Shawerma Reem’s hustle and bustle, and I enjoy watching the angry cab-drivers drive like maniacs. It’s also a great place to sit- there were a lot of families sitting there eating Delice and Shawerma Reem with their kids. I personally prefer small scale seating plans like this one rather than Share3 Il-Thaqafeh style plans. The only thing they didn’t quite accomplish is the “greeness” part. I don’t see any greeness at all.

The First Circle was also renovated, and I personally think it looks worse than before, even worse than the Seventh Circle. It has a really nice looking olive tree in the middle, but thats where the niceness ends. Pictures of that later, hopefully.


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  1. Thanks for the pics and article, this brought some good memories to me.. by the way I live down the st.

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