“One Fine Day”- is that a movie? I’m not sure why I feel compelled to use that as a post title, but some things are just inspired…

Well, anyhow, inspired or not, today really was one fine day- the epitome of Ammani bliss.

It started out in the very center of this wonderful city- Il Balad, the most full of go, multihued, and energetic area in Amman. We wandered around aimlessly for 3 hours, checked out all the little eccentric stores, took pictures of “Balat Il-Rashid”(since 1924, 2nd picture, below), had Knafeh at Habiba’s(1st picture, below), and bought a dozen DVDs(yes, the 1JD ones).

After Il Balad, we went and had lunch at “Moroccan House”, a cozy restaurant in Shmesani right behind Abella, where I experienced Moroccan food for the first time.

Then we went to Starbucks (where everyone was studying! In Amman! In public! Oh, my!), hung out there for a couple of hours(not studying), then dropped one of my friends off and went to have some more coffee at Books@Cafe in Jabal Amman(that has a really cool mural that I need to take pictures of soon).

Now, I need to stop my saya3a and get started on my project (I chose Corporate Voyage, thanks Linda ya amar).