(Here’s one very long post with too many pictures for your entertainment, pictures grow when clicked. Please tell me your screen-resolution is 1024 x 768 or higher.)

Today “a couple of bloggers” met up for coffee and an interview with Eddie Taylor from Royal Wings. It was supposed to be a “couple of bloggers”, but as Isam says, “the more the merrier”, and so it was 6 bloggers instead; Nader Shnoudi, Hind Sabanekh, Isam Bayazidi, Ammar Ibrahim, Mira Shnoudi, and myself. I really wish the rest were there, especially Natasha&Jeff(Jeff! No one took real pictures!), Eman&MMM, Mr. Malhas, Linda and Iyas.

The venue chosen was JORDAN WILD, and we spent around 2 and a half hours or so talking about blogging and Jordan. It was really good, dare I say better than the first meet-up where I personally had no idea what was going on thanks to Blue Fig’s loud music.
I was also really happy to meet Eddie, Hind and Mira.

Some pictures:

Yes, that is a butterfly over Nader’s shoulder, as it’s “Butterfly Collection” month at JORDAN WILD(and Ammar decided to make sure Nader is a part of the action).

And of course, I’ve saved the best for last- Eddie’s vintage Adidas trainers doing a ballet move. Absolutely fantastic, or shall I say, DAMAR!