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And I should be locked up away in jail for messiness…

(Mom, sorry, I ruined the carpet…)

Random Wednesday

Housing and Hay Il Rashid

Almost a month ago, my friend Sarah and I went looking for a location with a nice view to drink our coffee. We ended up cruising in Hay Il Rashid, completely forgetting about the coffee, and finding ourselves engrossed in discussions pertaining to Amman’s architecture.

We found Hay Il Rashid interesting mainly due to two reasons based on our own observations:

1. The housing organization- Expensive villas are neatly sited side by side at the very top of the hill, and the housing becomes less expensive as the hill declines until you finally reach a very poor area towards the valley.

(Two houses found in Jabal Il Rashid, the first one in upper Jabal Il Rashid and the second one down below closer to University Street. Click to enlarge).

More/Other examples(click to enlarge):

2. The architecture is intriguing- I’m not sure if this area was built during the 70’s or the 80’s, but the style is very linear, practically modernistic. It’s very different from housing in other old area in Amman like Jabal il Weibdeh and Shmesani. Here’s a perfect example of the architecture in middle Hay Il Rashid. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do this beautiful house justice, but the linearity is apparent(click to enlarge).

I also fell in love with this house(below), in lower Hay Il Rashid. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Pinnacle of Blind Exasperation

How the hell are you supposed to find your glasses when YOU’RE NOT WEARING THEM?!

Jeeda @ 4

Jeeda is around 4 months old now. Isn’t she adorable? Look at those eyelashes!

Don’t you want to eat this?

After a almost a year from my last sculpting class, I finally put my sculpting abilities to good use today, and those five hours were the best hours of my week!

The fun of sculpting had completely slipped from my memories, and I found myself carving away the stress of a deadline.

I made this little furniture for the interior design of my travel agency, and I still need to smooth them up(with a wet sponge if anyone is interested), and paint them(I’m fluctuating between black leather or brown leather, any suggestions?)

Yay, two more couches to be mad, 8 chairs, and a few tables, then I’ll have to go back to the boring job of cutting cardboard :\

I’m Sane! I Swear!

Great news you guys, I don’t have any psychological disorders!

Well, at least I don’t have anything severe… I am a moderately “Schizotypal”, “Histrionic”, “Narcissistic”, and “Obsessive-Compulsive”.

That’s basically saying that I “Moderately” have the following characteristics:

1. Odd forms of thinking and perceiving.

2. Engage in eccentric behavior and have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time.

3. Speech difficult to follow.

4. Use of grandiose language to discribe everyday events and seek constant praise.

5. Exaggerate friendships and relationships, believing that everyone loves them.

6. Choosy about picking friends, since they believe that not just anyone is worthy of being their friend. Have difficulty maintaining long-lasting relationships.

7. Need to do everything “right” often interferes with their productivity.

8. Set unreasonably high standards for themselves and others, and tend to be very critical of others when they do not live up to these high standards.

9. Avoid working in teams, believing others to be too careless or incompetent.

10.They often have difficulty expressing emotion.

Honestly, I sorta agree with numbers 1, 2, 6, 9, and 10. I know what you’re thinking, but at least I’m not “antisocial”, “avoidant”, and “dependant”. I’d definitely prefer being a self-centered beep over an antisocial, dependent loser any time of the day.

So what are your psychological disorders? I’d be really interestered to see what answers some people will get (especially Ammar :P)

My answers:

Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Low
Dependent: Low
Obsessive-Compulsive: Moderate

+Subzero Blue

Spring Reflections

Taken by m7ammad.

How I ended up with a mullet and why I’m going to shave my head soon…

As a part of an ingenious plan to kiss the doldrums away, I went to get my hair cut the other day. You know, the whole “let’s-spoil-ourselves-rotten-to-feel-better-about-ourselves” deal that women are famous for.

So I hit Rashed’s, the salon behind the super sleek hair and the perfectly groomed bangs of a good amount of Ammanite women. Rashed spoted me as soon as I stepped into his salon, and I was immediately sucked into the ball game of the Beautifier himself.

He greeted with the usual equivalent of “hey, honey” in Arabic- “Hala Hayateh!!!” (Yes, Hayateh, not 7ayati, hayateh! HAYATEH! The Lebanese way in the middle of Jordan! It’s as if Article 13 of the Jordanian Union of Hairdresser’s Terms states, “Thou shalt speak, look, and act like the gay hairdresser in Nancy Ajram’s ‘Yeeeeeeeeey’ video.”) After the greetings, I was ushered through the usual process of hair washing, hair cutting, and hair drying, my only demand being “change”.

And change it was, I left the salon with a fountain-like hairdo after a very unsuccessful curling attempt and too much hairspray.

As soon as I got home- hoping to look remotely normal again- I washed the shitload of hairspray off, dried my hair, and gazed at Rashed’s unstyled, unhairsprayed, and unwaxed creation- Behold, Oh, People of Adam, Roba has a mullet.

Yes, a goddamn mullet! It’s as if the Beautifier is keeping me in check with my lifetime plan to always look as crusty and unkempt as the next guy.

But seriously, a mullet? Why couldn’t he have given me a Mohawk instead? After all, I always wanted a Mohawk.

Next hair post, I’m going to be singing “I shaved my head once, nanana!”



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