Micah Bauer’s graphic journal is a personal project intended to hone Bauer’s design skills. He has pretty strict rules to abide by though- one composition a day, each day, for 365 days straight. His compositions must remind him of an experience of that day, each must contain typography or be derived from typographic elements, and more. Some of the compositions are really great, and this project is certainly worth looking over.

A similar project is Miskan, a photoblog from Kuwait, where a Lebanese designer called Mark takes a picture a day, everyday, for 1 year. Some of his pictures are really cool, and I love how some of them are depictions of life in the Gulf.

There is also Duane Kieser’s “A Painting a Day” project which I posted about a few months back.

I see a trend emerging. Although I’m the biggest believer that art should never be a routinely task,
I really like this trend and I can see myself trying to work on something similar.