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It’s only words, and words are all I have…

Inspired by Subzero Blue:

  • Obsession: almost synonymous to “Roba”. It’s really my most significant habit; I get disgustingly obsessed with people, objects, activities, food, places, and ideas that I like.
  • Hyper: never give me chocolate… or let me listen to the Red Hot Chili Peppers… or have me watch “Grease”… or take me on a school-trip(ay yay baneeno)…
  • Lost: yes, I admit it, I’m very lost. Most of the time, I have no idea what’s happening around me. A lot of times though, its all pretending that I have no idea. It works great… people are never mad at me when I say what I’m feeling or when I don’t notice that they’re upset, simple because “Roba day3a”.
  • Creative: creativity is always saving my ass. My most memorable incident was in grade school, when I went to some test completely oblivious to the material, and I drew my answers instead. Hehe, believe it or not, I actually got an A! That’s when I decided to study visual arts, and creativity has become my lifeline.
  • Happy-go-lucky: I accept whatever happens and naively believe that everything happens for the best.
  • Spontaneous: I usually say whatever comes to mind, even when it’s completely irrelevant to the topic. I also love doing random activities.
  • Passionate: it comes with being obsessive really, I can’t help but get really passionate about the things I’m obsessed with, especially regarding art, design, people I love, etcetera.
    Like creativity, being passionate is always saving my ass. Applying to JU was one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done, it was very much a last minute decision. So that summer, completely unprepared to apply to art school, I naturally didn’t have any of my work with me. I went to the interview empty-handed except for some crap that I managed to whip up in a week.
    The dean looked at the stuff then said that she has refused people much better than me. Then she said that she will accept me simply because my eyes twinkle when I talked about art, because my face brightens at the thought of beauty, and because passion is all it takes.

  • TLC (tender loving care): actually, the proper word would be “motherly”, but I’m so not writing that. I can’t help but fuss over a person I care for, that’s just my way of showing love. I also have this terrible need to try to make people better, whether its in the form of correcting their spelling, offering random information, or making sure everyone knows that BLACK AND BROWN DON’T MATCH!
  • Cautious: it takes me ages to trust people and make friends. There’s also no way that I can delegate responsibility. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but believe it or not, “happy-go-luck”, “lost”, and “cautious” produce a surprisingly effective outcome.
  • Picky: yes, I’m extremely picky, especially when it comes to the aesthetic side of things (Ahh, the misuse of Flash, smilies, and Comic Sans!).
  • Impatient: my attention span is tiny(my reading habits consist of skim and scan), my need for speed is crippling(I talk at 20 miles a minute), and my inability to handle not being in control is disgusting(main reason I hate Flash, hate TV, and hate science). I also get extremely restless when things are stable.


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    Do you know if Englebert Humperdinck sang “Words”—Words are all I have to….

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