My 1-day trip to Riyadh is over, and it was great!

It’s amazing how much I missed the excessive luxury, the pampering, the compounds, and the very purple night sky. Riyadh is a stunning city, and my memories there are even more stunning.

It was a very pleasant trip(except for the very scary security precautions, more about that later), and I managed to do a lot of the stuff I felt like doing- I shopped “till I dropped”, went to Jarir Bookstore (but only bought one book), gave Sarah a hug(Aweeeeha, Allah y’7aleeki la ahlek), and best of all, I bought two pairs of glasses and one of them is red(Basem, I’m killing you if you sit on them).

Sadly however, the sensation of Riyadh is starting to feel less familiar to me, although Riyadh as a city didn’t change at all- it’s almost as if my 18 years as a part of the metropolis were just a wonderful dream.

The picture above is of the compound my dad lives in, look at more pictures of the compound here. It was the only place I could walk around comfortably in and take pictures. You can also look at the crappy picures I managed to snap of Riyadh while sitting in the backsteat here.