Between the “saya3a”(spending too much time at cafes and in the car) and the cutting, gluing and stippling, I’ve been quite busy this term (new professor loves making us work too hard).

Yet, I’m hopefully going to go to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, and I’m very excited as I haven’t been there since we left Riyadh 2 years ago(I went for a day last year but that doesn’t count as I didn’t get to see anything-slash-anyone).

Unfortunately, I’m only going for one day, so I will have to squish a rather big list of stuff I want to do into Sunday. Basically, I need to do some serious shopping (I actually haven’t shopped in a year, shopping in Amman sucks), have some Chinese food, and take an insane amount of pictures of sophisticated Riyadh. I want to go to Jarir Bookstore to buy a shitload of books, get a years supply of Pillsbury’s Hot Fudge Swirl Brownie Mix, and find a pair of red glasses. I’m also hoping to get lucky and do Al-Dabkeh Al-Shamaleyeh with the Dabkeh people or have a “picnic” with the neighbors in the old compound. I’ll “Aweeeeeeeha”(Arab alternative to “yahoooo!”) if I manage to have a Frappaccino with either Mrs. Tasneem or good friend Sara.

On a more nostalgic note, it’ll be weird to be in Riyadh and not see Rand (my shopping partner and neighbor who’s in Canada at the moment), Sami (who was just always there and who’s in Maryland at the moment), and my old friends (who are scattered all over the globe).

Hehe, I see an Ameenesque list forming.