Today, I came upon 43 Things via Subzero Blue. 43 Things is a website that enables you to list both long term and short term goals for yourself. You can also be cheered and helped with advice from people who have accomplished these goals or maybe cheer others yourself.
I love the idea because I grew up believing that setting goals is the way to reach them. Here are some of the short term goals I added to my list:

1. Get new glasses
2. Stop worrying
3. Get a degree in painting
4. Learn to program
5. Say ‘hi’ to at least one stranger each day
6. Exercise
7. Visit Paris
8. Lose 10 pounds
9. Redesign blog
10. Let my guard down
11. Be more decisive
12. Learn Flash
13. Grow my hair long and messy
14. Not be so messy
15. Paint
16. Get another piercing
17. Learn 3D Studio Max
18. Wake up when my alarm clock goes off
19. Go skydiving
20. Go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers Concert

What are your goals?