1. My only sources of world news are Aquacool, Mental Mayhem, and SubzeroBlue(although I keep myself up to date with news related to culture and technology).

2. I’m a bad, bad, bad parker.

3. I recently learned how to spell restaurant.

4. I don’t have an anti-virus software installed on my computer.

5. I recently learned the difference between a democrat and a republican(ahem, ahem)

6. I’ve been submitting the same research to the same professor for the past 2 semesters.

7. I have quite a hard time distinguishing left from right.

8. I’ve unsuccessfully tried to learn a dictionary(and I’ll probably try again eventually).

9. I think FireFox is too yellow.

10. I never bothered to learn the multiplication table and never will. There’s also no way that I can add, subtract, or divide without using the marvelous calculator.