The 25-year-old Saudi citizen Marwa Mahmoud won first place at the first international women’s rally car race held in Dubai in February. Marwa, who is a resident of the UAE, has been a fan of this sport since 1997.

I think it’s amazing that a young Arab woman from a country that has made it illegal for women to drive has gone ahead to become a champion. I love the UAE for giving her such an oppurtunity.

Marwa hopes that other Arab women will get involved in sports. A professional who is working in a male-dominated environment, she says that women’s rights have not changed Arab men completely. “I wish they would participate in any sport they can,” she says. “Anything that Arab men think women can’t do, we should ‘just do it.'”

Way to go Marwa, on with the feminism and the hard work. I feel proud.

+Dar Al-Hayat(Arabic)