I’d never forget the shock I received the first time I saw a naked computer. I was mesmerized at the contrast between the outside (the modernistic simplicity in the straight lines and the beige-ness of the case) and the inside (the dark mess of multicolored and mismatched wires against ugly green tiles and a too much metal). The contrast infatuated me for a while and my obsession with looking behind the plastic perfection into the hideous heart of equipment developed.

Although its been many, many years since I saw the naked computer at a middle school’s science fair, I spend a good deal of time raking cyberspace for pictures of pop-cultures dismemberment(yep, lets leave the breaking of the iPods to the filthy rich nerds) . After enjoying the most recent pictures of the careful dissection of an iPod Shuffle, I had to share my obsession.

Check out the painstakingly done dissections of:

Sony PSP



iMac G5
IXUS 400

And yeah, sorry about the absense. Tough week.