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A New Science: Netrospective

In celebration of their 10th birthday(Happy Birthday Yahoo!), Yahoo! launched an photoessay: “Yahoo! Netrospective: 10 years, 100 moments of the Web“.
Amazing. I have literally spent the past 2 hours enjoying each of the moments Yahoo! chose to share and pouring over the links and the history they provided.

Although I was fully aware of all the moments, seeing them compiled as “history” is surely fascinating. There is Chris Lamprecht, aka Minor Threat, who became the first person to be banned from using the internet, and “I Kiss You“, the internet’s first celebrity. There is the timeline-like chronology of the emergence of important internet related stuff such as EBay(1995), Netscape(1995), odp(1998), Wikipedia(2001), and FireFox(2004). They also included tid bits of the internet’s rather lame popular culture- The Dancing Baby(ew, ew, ew), email chain letters(that woman in Nigeria does not need your help, I repeat, DOES NOT NEED YOUR HELP), the LoveLetter Virus, a singing George Bush, and Hot Or Not? There are also moments concerning Open Source, IMDB, Black Thursday, network gaming, webcasts, and so many others that prove that the net has developed to become a parallel universe.

Way to go Yahoo! for hanging on for so long.


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  1. Jeff

    Most of those seems like just yesterday. I still use IMDB whenever trying to remember the name of “who was in that movie” and just yesterday someone told me of yet another Hot or Not clone called Hot or Homely. Seems profitable ideas will always have imitators.

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