Yes, that’s “Virtual Roba”. Not sure about the haircut, but maybe if you remove about half the volume and mess it up it’ll look more like mine, and of course, forget the facial features. I now know to always stand facing people because my “karsh” shows when I’m standing sideways…

Anyway, it’s cool, and I can actually use it to try on clothes whenever I shop online at several stores. Not that I shop online… Still cool.

You can create your “My Virtual Model” either on the company’s website, or directly on the site you want to shop at(note to self: NEVER shop at Sears, horrible shoe choices).

Oh, yes, its 4:31 AM. And I will not watch the NBA All-Star game. Well, at least there were no Fantasy NBA lineups this weekend(the boys hog the computer otherwise)….

4:55 AM. Rise and shine!