Introducing Abdo, a waiter at “Cups & Kgs”, who dresses up as Santa during Christmas, wears a black tux when its Eid, and spends the rest of the year inviting coffee-lovers to try his coffee. Ok, tell you the truth, he creeps me out, but I must admit that his coffee is probably the best in town. I also love the location- between the 3rd circle and Shmesani, amidst a very crowded Amman-style “main street”, and I love sitting outside watching the cars speed by. I also love the fact that since it’s just a little coffee bar, so it’s very practical for rushed coffee.

Sharing some pictures:

View from outside

My favorite drink is Hazelnut Caramella, along with their very yummy white chocolate brownies.

Did you know that I’m completely addicted to caffeine?