When I heard that Ikea was considered one of the 5 most influential brands of 2004, I was surprised. I love Ikea, yes I do- I love their modern and unusual designs, their wild colors, and the whole great quality for great price thing they’re famous for. I’m also fascinated by the importance of Ikea on the last few decades’ popular culture.

For example, the IKEA Catalogue, containing about 12,000 IKEA products is reputedly the second most widely distributed book after the Bible with a hundred million copies produced every year(Source: Wikipedia). Furthermore, a mind-blowing 10% of Europeans are conceived in an Ikea bed(Source: BBC). Fascinating isn’t it?

Of course, naturally, the popularity of such a place also causes hazards, like the five people in the hospital today and the hundreds crushed after the recent opening of Ikea in North London (read rest of article here), and when three people were killed in Riyadh a few years ago when thousands of shoppers were drawn by an offer. Hm… Fascinating.

Did anyone know that Ikea have the best scissors? They’re very sharp, they’re dishwasher safe, and they’ve never let me down. They’re definitely on my list of stuff I can’t live without :)

And this is completely unrelated to the topic, but Google has offered to host Wikipedia(Source: Wikimedia). Wow.