Tonight I watched a movie I’ve been wanting to watch for a very long time- “Big Fish”. Cheesy as it may sound, “Big Fish” was an absolute indulgence for my eyes, my ears, and especially my heart.

“Big Fish” tells a story that beautifully intertwines fantasy and reality to provide a moral about the simple relationship between father and son. It combines so many contrasting details that it literally has something for everyone; werewolves, circus freaks, beautiful mermaids, tucked-away Stepford-like towns, giant men, Siamese twins, WWII, a thousand daffodils, witches, a car on a tree, Danny DeVito’s bare behind, Wall Street robberies, fights with jumping spiders, a town where shoes are not allowed, and of course, a beautiful love story.

To make things even more appealing, Tim Burton did a wonderful job directing. He provided a beautiful kaleidoscopic view of a man’s life- filled with every color, every flavor, and every emotion. The movie surrounded me with fantasy-like scenes painted with a seemingly magical touch, making it impossible to not be spellbound by the imagery alone.
Yet, it is not for everybody. Most will actually find it confusing and pointless, but good fantasy is like that. It definitely made it into my list of favorite movies though. I give it a 10/10.

I leave you with two of my favorite scenes:

Edward Bloom: “They say, when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true. What they don’t tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up.”