1. Apple, the computer company, has toppled Google, the search engine, to be voted “the brand with the most global impact” in a poll run by Interbrand, the branding consultancy giant. The company, recently described by one fan as having the “attitude of an artist and the eye of an anthropologist”, has consistently won plaudits for its sleek, lovingly engineered products and now enjoys commercial success.
The phenomenal popularity of the iPod has transformed Apple’s fortunes. Over 10 million of the must have music players have been sold since the product’s launch four years ago. Last year they helped achieve a 300 per cent increase in revenues for Apple – more than offsetting its shrinking share of the computer market.

2. Google, whose internet search engine inspires similar levels of loyalty, usurped Apple as the most admired brand in 2002, according to the poll. But this year the company, which makes 95 per cent of its revenue from paid-search advertising, could only manage second spot.

3. Ikea(center of creativity, and they make the best scissors if anyone is interested)

4. Starbucks(which I’m feeling annoyed towards after I payed 10.5 JD’s last week for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake)

5. In a top-five dominated by “shiny”, fashion-conscious, western companies, a shock result came among the runners up- Al-Jazeera, the controversial Qatar-based television station.

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