The principle of collage is the central principle of all art in the twentieth century, which is why nothing represents postmodern art better than a collage.
It’s also one of the first things they teach to kids in order to develop their aesthetic sides- cut pictures from magazines, and figure out which type of glue would work the best(something I have spent hours discussing with different people).
Now, in the “spirit of post-modern modernity”, Collage Machine allows you to exercise your unconscious mind without getting sticky(although I’m one of those people who really enjoys getting my hands sticky).
After a few minutes of drag and drop, here’s a result:

Ok, I guess I’ll never be a fan of flash. Here’s a “year collage” I made in 2001, it might not mean anything to the onlooker, but every single picture used here represents something that was important to me in 2001. Click for enlargment.