A part of this semesters Two-Dimensional-Design syllabus was to choose a band, create an album for the band(make up song names, album name, theme, etc.), and then create a CD cover for the album. It was plenty of fun, because unlike the other projects we had to do for this class, this project wasn’t limited to paper, and we could also let our imaginations run wild without having to worry about functionality.

The band I ended up choosing was Pink Floyd. I called their album Continuum, and my theme was the abstract concept of time.

Since Ihad a lot of posts last months freaking about the process of implementing, I had to share the results(and whoever dares to say it looks like blood will have his/her feet stepped on!)

Pink Floyd Design CD Cover

ruba_assi (3)

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As I said, the concept is the unstability of time(minutes fly, days crawl, years run, yada, yada, yada), so I chose ethanol(inside the lid), which is always changing, to represent this characteristic(Ethanol is used in thermometers, always contacting and expanding).

The CD is at first suspended in mid air from the lid, but then, you can flip the lid and use it as a CD storage shelf.

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Pink Floyd Design CD Cover

Anyway, like I said, we could let our imaginations run wild. There were some other really interesting CD cover projects that some of my friends did, so I’ll probably share them later.