Today, I needed to get 60’s/70’s style doll-cloths for a certain project, so I hit the toy stores, and damn, what a shock I got. You see, when I was a kid, dolls were pretty. Their make-up was mellow, their cloths were stunning, and their bodies were always so graceful. Dolls were art!
That certainly cannot be said for this generations “fad” dolls that I got to see today at the toy store. Take a look yourself:

Here’s a close-up on their faces:

Em, really, what are they trying to do exactly? Prepare today’s little girls for a future of collagen-stuffed lips and brow lifts? Teach them that it’s appealing to mismatch lip-liner and lip-stick and have eye-shadow reach the forehead? And what’s up with the very bizarre body proportions? You know, the average human body is 7 heads high, and the perfect body is 8 heads high. These dolls are 3.5 heads high. Yeah, go ahead, ruin the little girls’ aesthetic senses as well.
Ah, I hate you.