My parents just came back from performing the 5th pillar of Islam, the Hajj. Having lived in Saudi Arabia where Hajj is a perfectly normal thing to do, I was very surprised at the importance people place on Hajj in Jordan. Think the same fuss they do over weddings(the building’s guard decorated the elevator).

Basically, when people come back from Hajj, they’re supposed to give a goodie-bag of dates, prayer mats, and rosary beads for the guests who come to congratulate them. My mother wanted to do something more original though, so she brought “maba’7er” (which is an Arabic incense burner), Arabic-Gum scented incense, and Arabic-Gum instead of your typical goodie-bag.

Naturally, I love spending hours gluing stuff together, but we were sort of in a rush to wrap the 200 goodie-bags by today, and I have a test tomorrow(the damn Islamic Culture test keeps popping up at the worst times), so we called on the extended family to help.

I had to share the results(click for bigger image):

Anyway, I better go start studying for my Islamic Culture test now.